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terms and conditions


Service Provider: Best Limousine NJ (Thereafter referred to as Bravo Limo, LLC)

Bravo Limo, LLC will strictly enforce all State and Federal Laws.
The purchaser/renter of the limousine is responsible for his or her guests.
Bravo Limo, LLC does not allow any alcoholic beverages to be consumed by any person not of legal drinking age (21); or illegal drugs to be stored or consumed in the limo.
No person will bring contraband aboard vehicles that are owned or operated by Bravo Limo, LLC. Person(s) under the age of 21 is/are prohibited from consuming any type of alcoholic beverages.
No sexual activities are allowed onboard our vehicles. 
No smoking is allowed in our limousines.

Upon determination that any of the above policies were violated, Bravo Limo, LLC may terminate service to the client and shall be deemed to have fulfilled its contractual obligations to the client under the written or verbal agreement.
Bravo Limo, LLC will not be responsible for any belongings left while the client is in or out of the vehicle. Bravo Limo, LLC reserves the right to charge a delivery fee for returning lost items if found. Bravo Limo, LLC will not be held responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged articles; Bravo Limo, LLC recommends that all and any personal valuables be removed from the vehicle when unattended.
Unless payment is done in person, all deposits and payments are charged to the credit card the purchaser/renter provides by telephone / fax / or email.
The vehicle becomes reserved for the purchaser/renter for the said date upon the approval of the purchaser’s credit card as per telephone conversation / fax or email.
The credit card holder gives authorization to use the credit card information over the phone / fax / internet in combination with or without a signed contract.
The open balance is due immediately at the beginning of the agreed job all in CASH (except proms), no credit cards, personal or business checks will be accepted. If the purchaser/renter doesn’t pay the full amount of the balance in CASH, Bravo Limo, LLC will not start the job, therefore the risk of not getting paid will give us the right to cancel. All prom balances must be paid at least 2 weeks before the prom date unless otherwise specified in the contract and accepted by Bravo Limo, LLC representative. 

All deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of cancellation from renter’s side, all and any deposits (cash, checks or credit card authorization) will be non-refundable for any reason. All requests of cancelation must be received in writing and must be signed and approved by Bravo Limo, LLC’s representative. Unless the cancelation request is accepted and signed by the company representative, Bravo Limo, LLC will show up for the pickup and the purchaser/renter will be responsible for the full balance. In case of cancellation, all requests of cancellation must be received in writing and must be signed and approved by Bravo Limo, LLC’s representative. Cancellations made within 45 days (Forty Five Days) will not be responsible for the remaining balance and no deposit will be refunded. Any contracts cancelled less than 45 days (Forty Five Days) will be responsible for the full amount of the balance due.
If the reservation / contract is set for a future date and if by any reason the purchaser/renter initiates a credit card dispute for any paid amounts, the reservation will be automatically considered cancelled with no refund.

If the cancelation request is submitted after the driver has departed from the office for said pickup time, the purchaser/renter will be responsible for remaining balance even if no service is provided; however, the purchaser/renter is entitled to use the service for the rented hours.
As indicated in the reservation or contract, any extra unaccounted passengers traveling in the vehicle are subject to extra charge. All of the given information from the renter is binding and cannot be changed without Bravo Limo, LLC acceptance. If the reservation / contract is cancelled or accepted after it is signed, Bravo Limo, LLC is still authorized to collect the remaining balance in full.

Changes to reservation / contract can only be made by the customer listed on the reservation; Bravo Limo, LLC will not discuss any details of the trip with any other person. Modifications to the reservation are limited to destinations, locations, pick-up times, adding or upgrading of vehicles and overtime.  Original vehicles booked cannot be downgraded and/or deleted from the reservation / contract.  The number of hours contracted for the vehicle cannot be reduced.

Bravo Limo, LLC cannot guarantee the availability of overtime. It is of particular importance that the purchaser/renter makes allowances for anticipated delays and adheres to the agreed time schedule. In the event that the purchaser/renter wants to change the time of the itinerary, they may do so, only if Bravo Limo, LLC can accommodate other clients that booked with Bravo Limo, LLC prior to or after the said time. The purchaser/renter further agrees to pay additional charges incurred such as overtime, tolls, parking etc. Overtime is due in cash on the day of service.  Payment must be made to the chauffeur prior to going into overtime.  Overtime is charged in half hour increments. Bravo Limo, LLC is not responsible for traffic encountered during vehicle rental time and any delays caused by directions instructed to the driver by passengers.

Overtime for airport jobs is charged in 30 minute increments, extra stops are charged $25 and up, extra stops in New York City are charged $30 per stop. If customer fails to show at the designated pick up location (NO SHOW), the full amount of contracted time will be charged. On all reservations you will be considered a no-show at 45 minutes past your scheduled pick-up time; if you have not met your Chauffeur or contacted us by phone, you will be charged in full for the reservation. To avoid being charged as a no-show, contact Bravo Limo, LLC or the driver by phone at the beginning of the job. On all the Point to Point transfers Bravo Limo, LLC provides up to a 5 minute grace period at pick-up; before wait time charges apply at the hourly rate of the vehicle + 20% service charge billed in one hour increments. Bravo Limo, LLC is not responsible for traffic encountered during vehicle rental time and any delays caused by directions instructed to the driver by passengers. Point to Point Transfers include all Return Airport Transfers, Cruise Port Transfers, Point A to Point B Transfers and all non-hourly reservations.

Bravo Limo, LLC offers high-tech-equipped vehicles; sometimes heat and excessive use of all power-operated equipment might be subject to temporary failure. This will of course not interfere with the safety of the vehicle itself and therefore will have no effect on continuing or paying of the contracted trip.

All vehicles owed by Bravo Limo, LLC are constantly checked to keep the highest possible standards and eliminate such failures as much as possible. 
It is important to understand that many of our classic vehicles do not come from the factory or coachbuilder with air conditioning. Many newer limousines air conditioning systems are not comparable with smaller or regular size vehicle, so it would be unrealistic to expect a cooler on a hot summer day/night of the prom, wedding or special occasion hourly service.

Bravo Limo, LLC agrees to send the requested vehicle as offered in the reservation / contract. We have the right to upgrade the vehicles or switch the vehicles in case of emergency breakdown or if vehicles were in accidents. As stated, this will only happen in emergencies. No additional charges will occur on customer side if upgrade is made without customer request. If switching occurs in the same category, or upgrades are made, it will not affect the reservation / contract and / or payment of reservation / contract. Renter/Purchaser therefore accepts that replacement limousine may be substituted if contracted limousine becomes unavailable for any reason.

There are a number of situations that may prevent us from providing the service on the day of the prom, wedding or special event that are beyond the scope of our responsibility and control. Those situations include but are not limited to: vehicle malfunctions, break downs, accidents, or unexpected road conditions. In the event that such situation occurs. If the limo is running 30 minutes or more late, as a result of such situations, or a substitution for another limo was made, the renter/purchaser may request a full refund of the deposit instead of using our service. That right is waived if the renter/purchaser uses the services offered. In that event the hourly usage will start from the moment the driver arrives for the pickup.
We do not offer reimbursements for unforeseen situations mentioned above and cannot be held responsible if it has a direct or indirect impact on the occasion. We cannot be held responsible if the prom, wedding or special occasion hourly service party arrives late to the prom, wedding or special occasion hourly service or do not compensate the customer for last minute use of another limo service.

Bravo Limo, LLC reserves the right to terminate this or any other reservation / contract for noncompliance of the above requests, especially if renters do not follow chauffeurs requests in order to obey the rules.

Chauffeur has every right to terminate the reservation / contract if the rules are not being followed.

Bravo Limo, LLC reserves the right to terminate any reservation / contract without refund, if the operator or the Dispatcher on duty feels that the Renter and /or Party of the Renter is putting the operator or the mode of transportation or the Renter/and/or Party of the Renter in danger of injury. If the Renter and/or Party of the Renter are in the possession of any illegal material and/or substance, this service will be canceled without refund. This is without exception.

All large bags (duffels, luggage, backpacks, etc…) will be placed in the trunk of the vehicle while passengers are in transport, no exceptions. Please keep in mind that not all limos have trunk space.

Each vehicle is inspected prior, during and after each rental by the chauffeur. Any and all damages that occur in the limo during the use by the renter/purchaser and renter’s/purchaser’s party are the sole responsibility of the renter/purchaser and will be charged to the credit card. There will be a $250 cleaning fee in the event that any member of the customer’s party becomes sick and vomits in the vehicle.

Under D.O.T. Regulations, some limos are equipped with emergency exits; these emergency exits are to be used only in case of real emergency situations only! Emergency exit cannot be used as a sunroof / moonroof. Unnecessary opening of the emergency exits by any person in renter’s party will result in $1000 fine that will be automatically billed to Purchaser/Renter of this reservation / contract. 

Any and all damages that occur in the limo during the use by the renter/purchaser and renter’s /purchaser’s party are the sole responsibility of the renter/purchaser. 

(1) $ 10.00 for each cracked, broken or missing glass.
(2) $ 700.00 per damaged seat, $ 500.00 per damaged carpet, $ 750.00 per damaged mirror 
(3) $ 100.00 minimum for extensive cleanup (spills, etc.), $50 for a gum in the carpet cleanup 
(5) $ 200.00 shampoo and disinfecting (due to sickness interior), $ 150.00 detailing and wax (due to sickness-exterior) 
(6) $ 500.00 minimum for each burn hole, rip or tear to upholstery 
(7) $ 500.00 minimum for each act of vandalism 
(8) $ 2000.00 opening a Car Door into another Vehicle or Stationary Object
(8) Triple charge of above listed amounts for all removed / stolen items from vehicle 
(9) Downtime subject to loss of revenue, per each hour lost as stated in reservation / Bravo Limo, LLC.