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bestlimousinenj.com Company along with its associates and sister concern companies.Cheapest limousine service in New Jersey for airport transfer.

"We recommend customers to dial 1-201-809-1719 or send a text to confirm availability. bestlimousinenj.com Company will not be held responsible for the failure to deliver the promised transportation services. In such cases, the company will limit the customer's costs to the balance of the purchased ticket. Personal items left by customers are not the responsibility of bestlimousinenj.com Company."

. Please contact us as soon as you misplace things inside a vehicle. We'll assist in locating it. The client is responsible for any damages to the car caused by them or others in their party while they travel.Cheapest limousine service in New Jersey.


Cancellations are accepted. Please get in touch with 1-201-809-1719 via call or text for any cancellations or by email at [email protected] Company.

If you do not cancel the trip within the allocated period, the company will debit a cancellation fee to your credit card.

To avoid paying cancellation fees, customers should notify customer service representatives at least 24 hours before the scheduled pickup time and six hours before pickups in the immediate area.Cheapest limousine service in New Jersey.


We do not take responsibility if you fail to show up, cancel, or divert passenger flights or trains.

Failing to notify you of delays or cancellations will result in us considering your trip as a no-show.

We are also unable to reach the contact person registered within 15 minutes. Please ensure you get to your assigned location or notify us of changes in your bestlimousinenj.com Company reservation. This could result in a charge in the event of a no-show, equivalent to the total cost of the trip and any additional charges.Cheapest limousine service in New Jersey.

Credit Card Policy

When purchasing credit cards, customers must provide the credit card information before approval, and this is to ensure fraud prevention and not the payment for the travel.

When you make a booking using a credit or debit card, the company bestlimousinenj.com will place a preliminary charge on the card. This charge will be equivalent to 150 percent of the quoted fare and is intended to secure the estimated total, covering trip costs, tolls, parking, gratuity, additional stops, any extra time, and off-hour surcharges. After bestlimousinenj.com Company concludes the service, they will deduct the remaining balance.


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bestlimousinenj.com Company luxury sedans or bestlimousinenj.com Company sedans can accommodate only four adults using three standard size bags. On the other hand, our SUV can hold up to six people and six standard-sized bags.

"When making a reservation, the customer acknowledges the vehicle's maximum passenger capacity and assumes responsibility for ensuring that it is not exceeded. In such cases, the company, bestlimousinenj.com, reserves the authority to terminate the trip without providing a refund."

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Our limousine company is a family owned business; and being in business for many years, Limo service NY is striving at all times to exceed customer’s expectations by offering upgrades on limousines, Free Hours when renting hourly, Complimentary water, soda and snacks.

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